Globally networked, regionally rooted

Our precision products “Made in Germany” are manufactured in Aachen and distributed in more than 20 countries. Our production area of more than 39,500 square meters and the high-performance machinery in operation there enables us to offer an arguably unique in-house production depth compared to competitors in this sector. That is why even highly-complex components requiring far more than 30 process steps need never leave SCHUMAG production plant. We call it “Vertical Quality Assurance”. For our customers this guarantees fast, flexible AND highest quality production.  

From concept to production:

We specialize in the production of high-precision components following the specifications of our customers. From the first draft to the delivery of the finished product we offer all the manufacturing steps  –  no matter whether for one of a kind or on an industrial level for up to 60 million per year.

Primary Material

Most manufacturing processes, which are strictly traceable, at SCHUMAG`s  precision components production line start with the processing of mainly bar stock in selected qualities  sourced from renowned makers. Apart from the material composition we often start processing with burnishing the bar cross section.

  • materials procurement according to customer requirements
  • high number of special alloys in stock
  • if required, support when choosing special materials
  • independent material testing upon arrival (spectral analysis, hardness testing, texture examinations)
  • in-house raw material preparation (bar burnishing, bevelling of bar materials)
Machining before heat treatment

The correct implementation of machining before heat treatment is the basis for cost-efficient and stable production processes of most precision components. To this effect SCHUMAG makes use of a comprehensive and versatile factory equipment. If necessary, external partners are enlisted for special jobs.

  • short bed lathes with up to three revolvers and up to 36 driven tools, bar aperture up to 65mm
  • multi-spindle lathes with up to 8 spindles (conventional and CNC)
  • long bed lathes with up to 8 axles (diameter from 2-32mm)
  • deep-hole drilling (diameter 1-15mm)
  • Cutting 3- /4- /5- axle-machining with up to 48 tools
  • ring lathing automat .3 – 6mm
  • thread / milling cylinders
Deburring Technique

Thermal deburring

Special components of injection systems require extreme smoothness/freedom of burrs. In order to execute the suitable deburring for complex geometries SCHUMAG offers a unique variety of deburring techniques in-house as well as in cooperation with external partners.

  • Thermal deburring
  • flow grinding (DFL)
  • brush centerless / cut-in
  • glass blasting
  • slide grinding
  • ECM-deburring
  • sink eroding / die sinking
Hardening Process

As for any other procedure, the hardening process requires the exact and reliable implementation of a technique suitable for the material and hardening grade. Being in the position to offer the demanding know-how in-house is the key to the lean production of average lots in long processing chains.

  • protective gas hardening
  • case hardening
  • salt bath hardening
  • vacuum hardening
  • case hardening vacuum (LPC)
  • gas nitriding
  • gas-nitro carbonizing
  • Tenifer treatment
  • salt bath nitriding (QPQ)
  • calcination
  • HF hardening (partial inductive hardening or soft-annealing)
  • HF bar hardening  (bars up to 3m)
  • super-cooling (freezer: minus 80C; or nitrogen: minus 196C)
  • well-equipped hardening laboratory for all established material analyses (hardening tests, sample preparation, texture analyses)
  • special components cleaning of whole furnace charges (purification plant)
  • conveyor belt blasting system
Superfine treatment

At SCHUMAG`s, for nearly two hundred years everything has always been about precision. Nowadays, the precise hardening treatment of serial components is virtually deeply rooted in SCHUMAG`s DNA. So, it does not come as a surprise that today we can offer not only an unrivalled spectrum of grinding methods but also the matching and experienced experts. It is this combination that guarantees the development of stable and compatible processes that can serially be implemented in the shortest possible time.

  • grinding
  • centerless round grinding
  • centerless round grinding with cut-in
  • centerless round grinding between peaks (straight / angular)
  • internal grinding
  • lapping
  • honing
    • internal round honing
    • compartment honing
    • double side face grinding
  • Super finishing
    • surface finishing
    • centerless round flow path treatment
    • centerless cut-in treatment
  • Slide Grinding
    • round hutch vibrators
    • centrifugal force grinding machines
    • mirror finish
    • rotation cylinder/trommel
  • Hard turning
  • Hard milling
  • Micro grinding (by means of in-house micro grinding machine and DFL)
  • Flow grinding (Rate of flow calibration and DFL)
Quality Management

At SCHUMAG`s quality starts with our workforce and the processes. The integrated quality management system is the foundation of all our trading. Stable and compatible processes are our daily routine. And the result are premium-quality products.

Preparation, monitoring and checks are the essential elements of our QA while developing and perpetuating product quality.

To achieve this we employ

  • 100% tests by inline sensor technology
  • dimensional control and other testing equipment as well as sampling inspection with the help of automated measuring processes by coordinates measuring machines, digital measuring projectors and wave scanners.
  • Workers´ self-testing with more than 7,000 measuring tools, measuring units and  checking devices during production
  • more than 400 measuring machines and measuring apparatuses in three air-conditioned measuring rooms
  • Mehr als 40 Messmaschinen und Messgeräte in 3 klimatisierten Messräumen
    • Tactile and optical coordinates measuring machines
    • Form measuring devices
    • Roundness measuring units
    • Contour measuring machine
    • Surface measuring gadgets
    • White light interferometer
  • sampling inspection and re-qualification according to IATF and VDA (PPAP,  PPF)
  • internal measuring device calibration according to DIN EN ISO 17025

As a progressive, dynamic and future-oriented company we will never compromise on quality and environment. Therefore we have binding standards according to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 as underlying job principles for every staff member.


Precision is not only required in every detail but also in their flawless interaction. The economic key is guaranteeing the necessary precision for the reliable functioning of all components. This must be achieved with the least possible expenses.

Apart from producing single components SCHUMAG is engaged intensively in assembling and testing of complete units.

  • precision measuring in the sub-micro sector and classification of components as a condition for fitting matchings
  • assembling matching parts and units (e.g. pressure limiting valves, pistons, shell combinations)
  • performance test
  • leakage test
  • adherence to customer s  cleanliness requirements
  • residual contamination analysis

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