The art

of precision

There is one simple formula to illustrate the attitude of our fabrication experts: Precision is the foundation  –  for every single project, any process and every component leaving our factory. Metal precision elements and  standard parts are manufactured to the highest quality, closest tolerances and in variable lots. For the people at SCHUMAG´s precision is part of their DNA. For our company it is the reason for high vertical integration, in-house vocational training and recognizable profile as a reliable partner of various sunrise industries when it comes to manufacturing complex components with diameters ranging from less than .1 to 80mm and tolerances of less than .5µm. All these parts can be optimized by our engineers. And you can tell at first glance that they represent “the art of precision”. 

Partner Of Future Technologies

Imagine the “key components of an efficient diesel generator set for one of the biggest bulk carriers in the world”, “turbine engines for wind wheels” or “precision hinges for surgery robots”. How do these items sound for you? For us they sound like precision. And like some applications in which SCHUMAG components are in use  –  all over the world. In future technologies like renewable energies, medical engineering, electric and hydrogen mobility the demand for high-precision components in large quantities is constantly growing. We have reacted accordingly and have established competence in engineering and project management.

“State of the art production and decades of international experience make SCHUMAG a competent and reliable partner when the supply of first-class components of continuous top quality in the production of large numbers is required.”

Johannes Wienands, Principal SCHUMAG plc

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